Here I compiled a list of 10 of my very Best Fishing Reels, and I added links from Amazon and some videos where I was able to do so, this way you can view the Reels, read other customers review who bought them and watch a demo video.

I would appreciate your comment and suggestion, feel free to tell me what more you would like to see in this site.  I made a separate site about my top picks for Best Fishing Rods which you can visit HERE

Look at the chart in this post for my rankings of the 10Best Fishing Reels.

First here is a brief introduction for anyone not very familiar with various fishing reels.

There are basically three different types of reels available on the market. These are known as bait casting reelsspinning reels and fly fishing reels.  Each type of reel bears particular characteristics that make it suitable for fishing in a particular location and targeting a special type of fish. Lack of understanding of the specific characteristics of fishing reels can lead to inappropriate selection and under-exploitation of their optimum function.

ü  Bait Casting reels: these reels generally require mastery and expertise and are not suitable for beginners. The lines from these reels must be casted smoothly to avoid them from becoming entangled.

ü  Spinning reels: these reels are easy to use and are recommended for amateurs. The two subtypes of spinning reels are open face and closed face reels. Closed face reels are easier to manage in comparison to open face reels.

ü  Fly Fishing reels: these reels can hold a lot of fishing line and it is ideal for providing adequate drag for fishes. The metallic version of this reel is better equipped for handling larger fishes in comparison to the plastic reels.

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